Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mules on Hwy 30, Pikeville, TN

8 x 10 Watercolor on Arches 140 CP 

I painted these from a photo I took while visiting my brothers in Tennessee. One lives in Knoxville and the other lives in Woodbury. And these mules live in between them if you take the back roads.
Walter and I spent the night in Fall Creek Falls, that trip, at the Wayside Inn. It's a crazy little 1950s motel with a gregarious cook at the grill slinging hash and hamburgers.

While traveling to Woodbury we stopped and a number of places to take pictures and look around. I originally stopped by this fence because the owner had lined yards and yards of rickety and rusty farming equipment along it like some people have cedar trees.

But as I approached the fence these mules came toward me and gathered to take a look at what I was up to. The black one in particular seemed to want an introduction. He was quite assertive and wanted to be sure that he was the point man, much like some over friendly dogs will block you from making contact with the other dogs. 

None of the mules bore the same coat or color. I don't know what kind of mules these are, or even if there is a breed nomenclature for the varieties, but if there isn't there should be


cjmartstudio said...

This is so great and lover your variety of colors Clare!


clarenancy said...

Thanks Claude!

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