Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heron in Pines

18 x 10 on Arches 300

I really like the zen of this painting but for those with more traditional tastes it lacks something. Namely the empty space should not be empty. Frankly, it's not really empty. There is sky and clouds. But I get their point even if I disagree.

I wonder how much of that is a conditioned perception. Coming from a graphic design background, I like the white space. I think it helps balance. It gives the heron a route to escape into the open. Everybody needs an exit, don't they?

This was one of my early favorites. It was exhibited in a small juried group show, "Color of the Coast", at Cathedral Square Gallery. I was quite pleased as it was one of my first attempts to get in a juried show. And I happily hanged next to my husband's photograph. 


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