Friday, August 20, 2010


I hate the term "Artist". Skill and talent land on such a spectrum. It seems an insult to Raphael to categorize myself by the same term.

Be that as it may, I have no better self-descriptive than to say I'm a self-taught artist.

This blog is just what the title implies: A place to post my drawings and watercolors.

I've been drawing all my life, sporadically. April of 2010 I decided to say Bullshit to the notion that I had to be in the mood. Or I needed inspiration. What I needed was to make a commitment to actually putting hand to paper everyday.

I knew that, although I'd spent years away from my sketch pad, the skill would return. Using my Doodle of the Day discipline was a springboard to get myself in to watercolors, a medium that I've always wanted to try.

Now that I've got myself into this adventure, I feel a need to complete the process and show and share my work, for better or worse.

Comments and feedback are welcome.


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